My name is Linda Perkins, and I live in Girton, Cambridgeshire, England.
I have been making bears since 1996.

My bears and animals are all individually made using my own designs. Each is hand stitched, and made from mohair or alpaca, often hand dyed to achieve unique colours.

Many have embellishments like scarves, jumpers, bells, growlers, glasses and ribbons. The little scarves and jumpers are delicately made using the tiniest knitting needles.

  Features and shadows are achieved using a combination of silk paint, trimming, plucking and styling the fabric, to
   give each bear or animal a very individual character.
Hat Bear     Small Alpaca Rabbit
Sitting Bear Bearlion Bearwitch and the Wardrobe
Chi-Ling Little Boy Bear
Smaller sitting Bear Click on the bear pictures to see
enlarged versions.
Little Girl Bear
Baby Elephant   Large Elephant